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Bitter Almond Essential Oil Blend

Product Code: BIT625

Aeracura’s bitter almond essential oil blend combines the sweet-smelling bitter almond extract with a touch of coconut oil for safety and transport purposes. Bitter almond essential oil displays a host of diverse effects and also produces a rich aroma similar to sweet maraschino cherries, a strong black cherry scent or amaretto.

Bitter almond extract is commonly used to generate a trace of cherry or black cherry scent in candles, soaps, sprays, lotions or other products. Its strong, potent aroma makes it easy to summon the scent with only a small amount of the oil, and is great for making special combinations like ice cream sundae or black cherry cappuccino. Aeracura’s bitter almond oil is free of prussic acid, a naturally-occurring toxic compound in bitter almonds. This makes it an enjoyable and naturally cleansing additive to many skin care products, though it is still not advised for ingestible products.

Add a hint of black cherry to your soaps or candle concoctions, or make a pure, sweet cherry variety. Order Aeracura’s bitter almond essential oil blend online to make your irresistible recipe.

Bitter almond oil has a strong black cherry aroma.  Frequently used in candles and soaps.


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