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Becky's Bath Salts' Aromatherapy Naturals are the ultimate in bathing luxury and we make them with the finest ingredients.  We carefully and artfully blend pure salts, essential oils and vitamins C and E, for the best baths of your life.  You can feel the velvety difference.

  • No artificial fragrances.
  • No artificial colors.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No mineral oil.
  • No titanium dioxide.
  • No animals are harmed in our testing.  We test mostly on Becky... and on her closest friends and family.


Ingredients include: Sodium chloride, essential oils, vitamins C & E.  (Epsom salts optional).


The beneficial effects of essential oils, salts, minerals and moisturizers on the skin and their unique therapeutic and beautifying effects have been known for thousands of years.  For millennia the wealthy traveled the world over to mineral-rich hot springs for their healing powers.  They often reported relief for many ailments.  And reveled in the luxury that only the rich could afford.  Today, you can experience sensuous luxury that only the super-wealthy of the ancient world could know and afford.


Today, you can experience such luxury.


Thanks to Becky's Bath Salts you can relax tense, aching muscles and joints, soothe lower back discomfort, soften and beautify your skin.  Now you can bathe in relaxing and restful tranquility in your own home.  Relax, and let Becky's Bath Salts bath you in fulfillment.


Since Aromatherapy Naturals have no artificial coloring, we mix grain sizes to add texture and visual interest to Becky's Bath Salts.  Mixed grain size bath salt crystals look beautiful, and the larger crystals will take a little longer to dissolve in your bath water. A 16 fluid ounce size jar weighs about 20 ounces and will typically provide five  to 12 wonderful aromatherapy baths.  Enjoy!  

Aeracuras' bath oil, body mist, massage oil, perfume, and soaps are made with the highest quality pure essential oils.


Becky's Bath Salts teams with Aeracuras to bring you the finest oils, fragrances, waxes & butters in the world today.  Wholesale prices on Aeracuras essential oils and related products, with no minimum order.


Aeracuras essential oils are in Becky's Bath Salts' Aromatherapy Naturals.  Add them to your own creations. 

Here is an article:  Essential Oils Offer Many Health Benefits.



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